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About us

Canadian Food Singapore's mission is to bring to your table some of the best iconic and authentic food & beverage products Canada has to offer.
We increase Canadian’s bio food exports by being the missing link between the Canadian manufacturer and the end customer outside of Canada.
We work closely with local manufacturers known for their quality, traceability, sustainability and innovative approach in their products.  
We consolidate all our products into one loading platform in Canada and ensure fast and reliable shipping direct to Singapore and to maintain inventories according to the needs of each client. We can also stock exclusive products for you locally, let us know your need and we will try our best to bring it for you!
Under the Nyctea brand (Latin name for the snowy owl, the official avian symbol of Quebec Canada's North), Canadian Food Singapore is proud to offer quality products from Quebec. It is a natural marriage between our experience and our knowledge, as well as the unique know-how of Quebec producers and artisans. Nyctea offers exceptional products from all over Quebec. 
Wholesale B2B:
All our products are also available in carton for food services (hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets); for more info, please message us via ''Contact us''.
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